Sligo Covid-19 Vaccination Centre moving to Nazareth House

The Covid-19 vaccination centre in Sligo is moving  from the Racecourse location to a temporary vaccination centre in Nazareth House, HSE, Church Hill, Sligo this week.


The first vaccine clinic will take place in the new centre will be administered a week from today on Good Friday, (April 15th).


The Sligo Vaccination Centre will continue to provide first and second dose vaccines to people aged 5 and older. In a statement the HSE have confirmed that the centre will continue to provide the booster vaccine to those eligible over the age of 12.

It’s understood that plans for the rollout of the second booster vaccine for people over 65 and people with a weak immune system is being worked on at the moment and further details will be confirmed later.


Children aged 5 to 11 who received their first dose vaccine in the vaccination centre in Sligo Racecourse and are due a second dose, will automatically receive a text message advising them to go to the new centre in Nazareth House for their second dose vaccine.