Harkin tells Ukrainian president of north west’s welcome, support for those fleeing atrocities of war

A Sligo/Leitrim TD has told the Ukrainian president of the support of the Irish people, including those in the north west, for those afflicted by the war in their country as a result of the Russian invasion.

It followed an historic address this morning to the Oireachtas by President Zelensky, after which each of the Irish party leaders spoke.

Speaking on behalf of the Independents group in the Dail while wearing a Sligo badge and a badge depicting the Irish and Ukrainian flags, she referred to the traditional Irish welcome for the stranger, including a welcome this week for 130 Ukrainian refugees who arrived in Sligo.

And to all Ukrainians, she had this message.

Deputy Harkin also said it would be selfish for people to enjoy the benefits of EU membership without extending it to others.