Combination of Covid-19 and Hospital overcrowding will hamper the HSE’s efforts to address waiting lists

A Donegal GP is warning that the combination of the increasing number of Covid-19 patients in Hospitals along with severe overcrowding issues will negatively impact Hospitals ability to reduce waiting lists.


The HSE’s are also warning its waiting list targets may not be met this year that’s despite a 350-million euro plan which was recently announced.  It was expected that this course of action would reduce the waiting list by 18% as soon as December of this year.


The HSE say the recent rise in emergency department attendances along with increasing Covid-19 outbreaks in hospitals is placing a strain on many Hospitals.


Chief executive Paul Reid will give this warning at the Oireachtas health committee today.


Donegal GP, Dr Denis McCauley, from the Irish Medical Organisation, says hospitals have been much curtailed over the past two months he is warning of excess deaths from conditions other than Covid-19.