Local Authorities tasked with providing emergency accommodation for Ukraine refugees

Local Authorities in the north west have been requested to provide emergency accommodation for Ukraine refugees that have been forced to flee their country as a result of the Russian invasion.


The number of refuges that each local authority in the country will be asked to facilitate will be decided per capita.


Ocean FM news understand that local councils have identified a number of potential locations which could be used to provide emergency accommodation.


It’s estimated that 15,000 refugees from Ukraine have arrived in Ireland since the start of the war, with fears that emergency accommodation expected to run out within weeks.


The Cabinet were informed earlier this week that tents, prefabs and emergency dormitory-style units will have to be used to house refugees arriving in the State within weeks, because emergency accommodation will be used up.


The Government has worked to identify larger empty properties such as churches, private entities and commercial premises for conversion into semi-permanent or permanent accommodation.


It is understood that the bill for providing accommodation, health and education to refugees could reach €1.7 billion this year.