President Higgins to address SIPTU Conference in Sligo

SIPTU’s Biennial Delegate Conference is getting underway in Sligo today.


President Michael D Higgins will address the conference tomorrow.


The Biennial Delegate Conference is taking place in the Clayton Hotel from today until Thursday


The union is expected to renew calls for pay increases to reflect the rising cost of living.


Demands for pay increases in both the public and private sector to reflect the rising cost of living are likely to feature prominently throughout the conference.


Earlier this month, SIPTU called for a review clause in the current public sector pay agreement to be invoked to respond to the pressure inflation was putting on workers.


The conference will run until Thursday with more than 50 motions to be debated and voted on.


President of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, Kevin Callanan, and Deputy General Secretary of the European Trade Union Confederation, Esther Lynch are also due to speak over the next few days.

SIPTU Head of Communications, Frank Connolly tells OceanFM News what topics of discussion are up for debate after such a long period of time.