IFA President blasts Government & Agriculture Minister for failing to provide adequate support to farmers

The President of the IFA has strongly criticised the government for what he describes as a lack of action in providing assistance to farmers help them through the current crisis that many are experiencing with Fertiliser and Fuel costs rocketing in recent weeks.


Tim Cullinan says although farmers are being asked to grow more crops to help address shortages in foods there are very little measures being put in place to assist farmers during a period of spiralling costs in fuel and fertiliser.


Tim Cullinan describe the reductions in the cost of agricultural diesel as ‘derogative’.


The IFA president who has had a couple of public spats with the Minister for Agriculture, Donegal TD Charlie McConalogue over issues surrounding CAP and the Ministers advice for more farmers to grow crops  says the government also need to suspend the increase of carbon taxes to give farmers the opportunity to help provide assistance to the country as it prepares for a possible food emergency.