Leitrim TD claims Ireland can lead by example when it comes to Ukrainian Refugees crisis.

A Sligo Leitrim TD says He has been hugely impressed with the offers of help coming from the local region towards the people of the Ukraine who had to flee their country following the invasion of Russian armed forces


Over 4,000 people in Ireland have so far offered a spare room or vacant property for Ukrainian refugees.


More than one-point-seven million people have fled Ukraine in the past two weeks, since Russia’s invasion.


The Irish Red Cross is encouraging people to pledge offers of accommodation, with Ireland is expected to take in around 100-thousand refugees.


Sligo Leitrim TD Martin Kenny says the attitude of the Irish Public is a complete contrast to the attitude that some displayed during the hugely devise ‘direct provision’ saga that led to friction within many communities.

The Sinn Fein TD says the offers of assistance being offered by the Irish public show the compassion and solidarity have with the people of the Ukraine.


Speaking to OceanFM news Deputy Kenny says Ireland can prove to be a place of place of best practice when it comes to dealing with the Ukrainian Refugees crisis.