NW dentists leaving free care scheme

A Sligo member of the Regional Health Forum West is to raise the issue of the number of dentists in the region leaving the free dental care scheme.

It follows reports in the Irish Independent today about the falling number of dentists in the medical card scheme, resulting in what is being described as a two-tier dental care system.

The figures were provided by the HSE to Sinn Fein health spokesman David Cullinane.

Since 1916, nine dentists in Sligo have left the scheme, a drop of 43%.

In Donegal, three dentists have left the scheme, a drop of 7%, with 12 leaving in Cavan/Monaghan, a reduction of 25%.

Sligo Fianna Fail Councillor Donal Gilroy says there was always a shortage of dentists participating in the scheme in this region.

But he said reports of a drop of 43% were ‘shocking’.