Diver pleads with Minister to work with council on amendments made to Redress Scheme.

A Donegal mica Campaigner is calling on the Housing Minister to implement a fast and effective process which will enable the local authority to process the amendments made to the Defective Concrete Blocks Grant Scheme.



The local authority in Donegal has this week received official notification of the amended which were signed last week by Housing Minister Darragh O’Brien.


Three changes are being introduced to the Redress Scheme.


The changes are in relation to recoupment of engineer’s fees, essential immediate repair works and stage payments.



The Council have committed to updating the required processes to enable a streamlined implementation of the changes.


Paddy Diver Says Mica home owners cannot endure a long drawn process.


He’s is urging the Minister and his Department to provide every assistance to Council to fast track the process.