North West left exposed as Gardaí from this region work in Dublin

There are fears that Local communities in the North West and Border Regions where a number of robberies and burglaries have taken place in recent times could be left short of Garda protection as officers from the local garda divisions are being deployed to Dublin to help with policing in the City.


The details of such practices have found their way into the public domain at the same time it was confirmed that 800 Garda and 400 garda staff posts will be created in 2022.


The Garda Representative Association say force numbers need to be bolstered in divisions across the country and that Sligo-Leitrim based gardai have worked in Dublin of occasions in recent months.


Sligo Leitrim TD and Sinn Fein spokesperson on Justice Deputy Martin Kenny has expressed concern in relation to the number of serving officers in the force.


He is warning that the 400 additional gardaí will not be enough as a large number of gardaí are due to retire.


Deputy Kenny says where as anti-social behaviour is a major issue in urban areas, resources should not be taken from at risk rural areas: