Donegal Pharmacies will play an active part in vaccine booster rollout


49 Pharmacies across Donegal will be involved in the rollout of the booster Covid-19 vaccines.


Booster vaccinations have been delivered to participating pharmacies over the past fortnight.


Independent TD for Donegal, Thomas Pringle has been calling for the move claiming it was vital to have pharmacies involved in the roll-out due to the geographical makeup of the county.


Deputy Pringle says with pharmacies taking part in the rollout of the boosters, a larger number of people will be able to receive vaccinations without having to travel to vaccination centres.




Meanwhile a Donegal GP is warning that the number of people taking Vaccine Boosters is not at the level of those who received their vaccinations earlier this year.


The warning was issued despite some clinics being at capacity, with long queuing times.


People over 50 can get their boosters from today.


Along with appointments and walk-in centres, people can also get their third jab from GPs and pharmacies.


Chair of the Irish Medical Organisation’s GP, committee Dr Denis McCauley says vaccine uptake is high, but not as strong as before.