Sligo pyrite group watching developments in Donegal

The PRO of the Sligo Pyrite Action Committee says he is disappointed at what is being proposed by the government for people in Donegal whose houses are affected by defective Mica blocks.

Councillor Thomas Healy says his group is keeping a close watch on developments because whatever is eventually given to people in Donegal will also likely be proposed for householders in other counties, such as Sligo and Mayo.

According to leaked reports, householders would be offered a 100% grant for all remediation works, capped at €420,000.

Principal homes would be included in the scheme but not holiday homes and only some rental properties.

However, Donegal house owners say at least €150 per square foot is needed for remedial works.

Cllr Healy says mica and pyrite campaign groups in various parts of the country will be discussing what is happening in Donegal.