Donegal Mica campaigners say reported scheme a ‘total farce’

A leading Donegal Mica campaigner says only a fraction of house owners would see the maximum of €420,000 proposed by the government for remedial works that are necessary because of defective building blocks..

There had been hopes that the Mica issue might be resolved before Christmas but Paddy Diver says the latest leaks about government proposals have hit like a bombshell.

According to a draft cabinet memo, published in The Sunday Independent, residents would be offered a full 100% grant for all remediation works, capped at €420,000.

Principal homes would be included in the scheme but not holiday homes and only some rental properties.

Paddy Diver says the government is trying to paint a certain picture with the figure of €420,000

Mica campaigners say they’ll also be watching closely to see what the final memo states regarding payments per square foot for rebuilding existing homes — they insist €150 per square foot is needed.

There had been expectations the final memo would be broght before cabinet tomorrow Tuesday but this may now not happen.

However, Minister Eamon Ryan has said the issued would be considered ‘within a week.’

Meanwhile, Paddy Diver says campaigners will stage the biggest protest ever seen in Dublin if the government fails to deliver.