Ardara to appeal Bundoran replay decision to Ulster GAA

Ardara have opted to appeal Donegal GAA’s decision to order a replay of their recent senior club championship match against Réalt na Mara Bundoran to Ulster GAA.

The news comes as the ‘replayed’ match is scheduled to be played on Wednesday week (Oct 6th) in Ardara at 8pm.

Ardara won the original match three weeks ago by a single point – but Bundoran successful objected to the result on the grounds that their opponents had used six substitutes during the game, instead of the allowed five.

Last Thursday evening, the Donegal Central Competitions Control Committee directed the matchto be replayed.

Ardara had 72 hours to appeal that verdict – and it’s understood they have now exercised that right.

It’s not known yet when Ulster GAA will hear the Ardara appeal.