29 Covid-19 patients in north west hospitals

The number of Covid patients in Irish hospitals has dropped below 300 for the first time in three weeks.

It’s fallen to 292 from 309 yesterday.

There’s been a 12% drop in those in hospital with Covid-19 since last Wednesday.

Latest figures show there are 60 patients with the virus in ICU across the country.

There’s been a noticeable drop in patients in Sligo University Hospital where there are now 10 people with the virus; down from 26 a week ago.

Letterkenny University Hospital, however, isn’t fairing as well with the fourth most patients in the country today receiving treatment for Covid-19.

The number of patients has risen from 13 last week to 19.

There are two people in the ICU in Sligo and one in Letterkenny.

Letterkenny University Hospital also has the second highest number of people nationally waiting on a trolley or chair with 46.

There is a further 19 waiting in Sligo University Hospital with a total of 396 people waiting for a bed in Irish Hospitals today.