Sligo Bay RNLI involved in two rescues in recent days

Sligo Bay RNLI were called out to help at two separate incidents in recent days.

Two swimmers were rescued on Tuesday after getting caught in a rip current at Deadman’s Point.

The crew launched at 5.41pm and found the swimmers using tow floats to help keep them above water until the lifeboat reached them.

Sligo Bay RNLI Helm Daryl Ewing said both people were safe but shocked out how fast they were taken by the rip current.

Separately, the crew launched at 11.48am on Sunday to help a fisherman who sustained an injury onboard a boat off Inishmurray Island.

Rescue Helicopter 118 attended to the injured person with assistance from the lifeboat crew.

The casualty was then safely airlifted to Sligo University Hospital.

Aisling Gillen is Sligo Bay RNLI Volunteer Lifeboat Press Officer.

She has this advice if you find yourself caught in a rip current and what to do if in trouble in the water in general.