Prices for north west houses in IPAV report

For the past six months, Sligo has been the most expensive place in the north west to buy three and four-bed semi-detached houses while Leitrim is the most expensive in the north west for a two-bed apartment.

The figures, reported in the Sunday Independent, are from the Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers (IPAV) residential property price barometer for January to June this year.

The report finds that, overall nationally, property prices are set to rise to 12% for the first time since the Celtic Tiger crash.

The report contains average prices for different sized houses — three and four bed semi-detached houses and two bedroom apartments — in Sligo, Leitrim and Donegal.

They show that for a four-bed semi, the average price for the period in Sligo was €200,000, €185,000 in Leitrim and €183,334 in Donegal.

For a three-bed semi, the prices were €175,000 in Sligo, €155,000 in Leitrim, and €163,334.

And for a two-bed apartment, the price was €92,500 in Sligo, €108,334 in Leitrim and €105,000 in Donegal.

The data from the IPAV shows house prices increased nationally by 6.25% in the first half of this year.

Thw cost of buying a one-off home near lakes, rivers, scenic areas or with a sea view has increased between 20% and 25%, according to IPAV chief executive Pat Davitt.

Dublin 4 and Dublin 6 are the country’s two most expensive areas.

Donegal was among the counties where the cost of four-bedroom homes rose more than 9%.

Five of the six cheapest markets are in Connacht or Ulster.

Although a new housing plan has been announced by Minister Darragh O Brien, it’s worth noting local authorities have directly built fewer than 5,000 homes since 2016.

Going forward, challenges in implementing the housing plan to ensure affordability include wage and material costs, and the avaialbility of qualified workers.