Housing for All plan ‘missed opportunity’ says local TD

A Sligo Leitrim TD has described the governments housing for all programme as a missed opportunity to seriously tackle the housing crisis that is currently engulfing this country.

Sinn Fein’s Martin Kenny says the plan will continue to lead rising house prices with developers set to construction a large number of number of new houses for the private market at the expense of those seeking affordable or social housing.

With a shortage in the construction labour force and building materials continuing to rocket the availability of housing is expected to be limited while interest in any properties that come on to the market will be intense.

The Governments Housing for all plan was therefore eagerly anticipated by those looking to get on a foot on the increasing steep property ladder but rather than address the crisis Deputy Kenny the Government have repeated previous mistakes when it comes to housing and will now drive the price of private homes up further.

The shortage of workers in the construction sector at present is another major problem that must be addressed if the required number of new homes are to be constructed that will make inroads to the crisis.

The cost of Material used in construction has also witnessed a massive price increase over recent months as well. The Sligo Leitrim TD says these are issues that must be addressed.