Donegal among counties with lowest uptake of vaccinations

Donegal, one of the counties with the highest rates of Covid in the country, has had one of the lowest Covid vaccination rates.

Sligo has had one of the highest uptakes of the vaccine while Leitrim is mid-table.

Figures for the uptake of the Covid vaccine, contained in a report in the Irish Independent, show that counties with the lowest vaccine uptake have some of the highest rates of the virus.

The figures are for those over 18 vaccinated with a first dose as at the 22nd August.

Sligo is the fifth best county in the country for uptake of the vaccine, with a figure of 95.8%.

Leitrim is 13th at 92.9% while Cavan comes in at 88.6%.

But in Donegal, it has been a different story, with the county the second worst for vaccine uptake, at 83.5%.

Only Monaghan, at 81.9%, has a lower figure.

Both Donegal and Monaghan has also had the highest incidence rate of the virus in the past fortnight.

However, it is possible some people in these counties were vaccinated in the North.

The HSE has already began extra advertising campaigns in counties with a low vaccine uptake using local radio, newspapers and targeted social media efforts, as well as walk-in vaccination clinics.

Anyone aged 12 and older who hasn’t yet received their first dose vaccine can go to a walk-in vaccination clinic this week for their jab.

Also, people who are waiting for their second dose Pfizer vaccine or second dose Moderna vaccine may also attend one of the walk-in clinics, once the interval between doses has been reached.

The HSE is encouraging people wishing to be tested for COVID-19 in Sligo, Donegal, Leitrim, Monaghan and Cavan to book a suitable appointment time by using the Self-referral On-line booking system on

The HSE says choosing a slot will help eliminate waiting times.