76 people waiting for beds in north west hospitals

The north west region is the worst hit in the country when it comes to people waiting for a bed in Irish hospitals today according to the latest Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisations Trolley Watch Figures.

76 people in total are waiting across Sligo and Letterkenny University Hospitals meaning almost 25% of all people waiting for a bed in the country are based in the region.

Letterkenny University Hospital has more patients waiting than anywhere else in the country with 45 people on trolleys or chairs; 24 in the emergency department and 21 elsewhere in the hospital.

Sligo University Hospital is the third most impacted where 31 are waiting with 19 in the emergency department.

The numbers come as latest information from the INMO find there are 99 vacant nurse and midwifery positions in Sligo and 55 vacant staff positions in general at Letterkenny.

A total of 309 people are waiting in Irish hospitals today.