Farmers make their case in advance of the budget

The IFA earlier today launched its pre-budget submission.

IFA President Tim Cullinan said it provides a blueprint for Government to follow if it genuinely wants to ensure the future viability of Ireland’s largest indigenous sector.

The IFA president claims that if proper funding is provided to GLAS schemes, TAM schemes, Beef Data and Genomics Programme, the Sheep Welfare Scheme and Organic Farming Schemes, then real change can be made.

The IFA is seeking €300 per suckler cow, €30 per ewe and €300m for ANCs. In addition it claims that a new scheme for tillage farmers is required urgently to stop the exodus from this sector.

The IFA insists farmers are eager to be part of the climate solution. It says accelerated capital allowances and Value-Added Tax (VAT) exemptions on the purchase of emissions-efficient investment will help farmers to play their role in contributing to the sector’s climate change targets.

FA Rural Development Chairman Michael Biggins said farm schemes must remain a central part of Government policy, particularly for the low-income dry stock sector.