Decrease in 14 day rate in Co. Donegal

The 14 day rate of Covid-19 per 100,000 population has fallen in the past week in Co. Donegal, however, there has been an increase in both Sligo and Leitrim.

The latest figures from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre shows the rate in Co. Donegal is 795.9, down from 972.4 last week with 1,267 new cases recorded.

While the rate has gone down, the county still has the highest nationally.

Sligo has seen a rise going from a rate 372.3 to 445.6 with 292 new cases of Covid-19 during this time.

While Co. Leitrim has also seen a slight increase going from 393.2 to 405.7 with 130 new cases.

The rate nationally is 370, up from 355.4 while a total of 17,620 new cases have been recorded.