Northern Ireland assembly recalled to discuss statute of limitations


The Northern Ireland assembly is being recalled from the summer recess today to discuss the British Government’s plans to introduce a statute of limitations that would end all prosecutions related to the Troubles before 1998.


More than 30 MLAs have signed the recall petition


Though the plan had been mooted earlier this year, last week’s formal presenteation to parliament sparked fresh outrage at what is widely seen as a de facto amnesty


It’s thought to arise from pressure on Boris Johnson from Tory backbenchers to deal with British army veterans facing prosecution, but the official reason is the passage of time would make convictions unlikely.



The Sinn Fein president says the UK Government has a “fight on its hands” over plans to introduce a statute of limitations for Troubles prosecutions.


Mary Lou McDonald also said the plans unveiled last week to deal with legacy in Northern Ireland “clearly breach” international human rights laws.


With MLAs set to return to Stormont to discuss the UK Government’s plans later – victims’ groups are intending to travel to Downing Street to hand over a letter setting out their opposition.


Mary Lou McDonald who met with victims and survivors yesterday – said it’s clear this plan “won’t fly”: