Sligo councillors vote 13-4 against Sinn Fein call for abolition of property tax

A Sligo Independent councillor has hit out at Sinn Fein over a motion it tabled at this week’s meeting of Sligo County Council calling for the abolition of the Local Property tax.

The motion, from the Mayor of Sligo, Cllr Arthur Gibbons, was defeated by 13 votes to four, with Cllr Gibbons, his Sinn Fein colleague Cllr Thomas Healy, Independent Socialist Councillor Declan Bree and Solidarity People Before Profit Councillor Gino O Boyle voting in favour.

Cllr Gibbons, in his motion, said the money was being ‘extorted from home owners under the pretence of a property tax.’

Cllr Joe Queenan says nobody likes imposing taxes but he pointed out that Sinn Fein in Northern Ireland seems to have no problem with property tax.

He says people should be encouraged to pay the tax, adding that it was wrong and misleading for a party to be calling for its abolition.

The property tax will again be discussed by councillors in two weeks’ time.

Cllr Queenan predicted the same four councillors who voted in favour of the abolition motion will again be looking for the maximum decrease in the tax for the coming year.

However, he says the money raised from the tax is needed for local improvements — but this was not the popular thing to say.