Greenway campaigners says rail group’s document should be ‘read with a health warning’

A group lobbying for a a greenway on an old and now unused rail line through the west and north west of the country says a document produced by another group lobbying for the reopening of the line for trains needs to ‘be read with a health warning.’

The Western Rail Trail Campaign was reacting to a report commissioned by the West on Track group, and which was produced by economist Dr. John Bradley.

Dr Bradley examined the reopening of the railway from Athenry, Co. Galway to Claremorris in Co Mayo as part of the wider Atlantic Railway Corridor.

Dr. Bradley’s report claimed a rail link could be restored for less than half of what was predicted in a previous report, known as the EY Report, published last January on behalf of Iarnrod Eireann and the Department of Transport,

That EY report has been severely criticised by campaigners for the restoration of the Western Rail Corridor

However, the greenway campaigners, the Western Rail Trail Campaign, has taken issue with the Bradley report, saying it’s ‘a lobbying document’ that could delay progress on provision of the greenway.

John Mulligan is a spokesman for the Western Rail Trail Campaign.

However, the West on Track Campaign insists the line can, and should, be reopened for trains.

Peter Bowen Walsh from Collooney in County Sligo is a spokesman for West on Track.

John Mulligan says his group, although campaigning for a greenway, is not opposed to a rail line.

But he insists the Western Rail Corridor does not stand up to realistic economic or demographic analysis.