Three defibrillators now in Strandhill

A third defibrillator has now been installed in the seaside village of Strandhill.

It’s the result of a collaboration between the Strandhill ICA Guild, Sligo County Council, Sligo Rugby Club and Strandhill Warriors’ Committee.

Fundraising, in the form of training community members in the use of the AEDs, funded part of the
cause and was facilitated by Sligo Airport, the training faculty from Sligo University Hospital, the Order of Malta and Rescue 118.

Strandhill now has a total of three public access AED units in temperature-controlled, purpose-built, outdoor cabinets.

The same access code is used on each of the units and they are all linked to the National Emergency Operations Control Centre through the National Ambulance Service.

They are located on the seafront, outside Voya Seaweed Baths, on
the Top Road outside Strandhill Lodge & Suites and now, at the front of Sligo Rugby Club.