Paddleboarders assisted by rescue services after being blown out to sea at Mullaghmore

The volunteer crew of Bundoran RNLI was requested to launch on Tuesday evening after reports of two paddleboarders being blown out to sea off Mermaid’s Cove in Mullaghmore.

The 999 call was made to Malin Head Coast Guard just after 6pm, who immediately paged the Bundoran RNLI volunteers.

At 6.11pm, the Bundoran Lifeboat “William Henry Liddington” set off for the scene with 4 crew on board and made their way to Mermaid’s Cove, arriving less than ten minutes later. The Sligo based Rescue 118 helicopter was also tasked.

On arrival two lifeboat crew assisted the two paddleboarders back to the shore who were then assessed by the on board casualty carer.