Pringle says property tax changes are about revenue generation

A Donegal TD has today described the changes to the local property tax as a way of raising revenue by the government.

Homes built since 2013 will no longer be exempt from the annual charge.

A new valuation system is also going to be introduced, meaning some homeowner’s bills will go up while others will decrease.

Independent Donegal TD Thomas Pringles says the reason the government is making the changes now is to avoid a backlash from the electorate in the future.

With many households trying to get back on their feet after the devastating impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, Deputy Pringle says the timing of the measures leaves a lot to be desired.

The Finance Minister has defended bringing 100,000 homes into the net for the property tax from later this year.

Changes will see all homes built since the last review in 2013 pay the charge for the first time.

There’s been changes to the rates of the payment which will see around a third of homes face increased bills of about 100 euro a year.

Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe hit out at criticism of the move from Sinn Féin, which wants the property tax scrapped: