Agri Week: Rewilding the north west. New fishing regulations on weighing of catches. Factory Fiction Quotes for lambs.

1.44        With a national agenda for rewilding large areas of our country gathering pace through proposals outlined in the EU Biodiversity Strategy.

The Irish Natura Hill Farmers Association have pointed to recent fires in Killarney National Park as an insight into the potential dangers of what they maintain is a flawed policy. Michael McDonnell who represents the organisation on the Irish Uplands Forum is one our guests on the show.


10.50     A Donegal-based representative of Irish fish processors and exporters says their entire industry has been thrown into chaos because of a change in the regulations in relation to the weighing of catches. New regulations now call for all fish to be weighed at piers. Brendan Byrne, chief executive of the Irish Fish Processors and Exporters Association


15.04 ‘Sell Hard’ is the message from the IFA National Vice Chairman, Kevin Comiskey.  He’s warning farmers be careful when it comes to quoted prices that meat factories are offering for lambs as the price they are willing to pay is considerably more.