Further disruptions to services at Sligo University Hospital

The Saolta Hospital group has issued an update on the services at Sligo University Hospital impacted by the Cyber Attack.


As a result of the attack disruption to Hospital Services will continue for the remainder of this week.

All outpatient clinics have been cancelled.

All diagnostics including x-ray, CT scans, MRI appointments and cardiac investigations have also been cancelled.


Sligo university Hospital has also cancelled all Endoscopy services and elective inpatient and day case procedures.


A small number of procedures may go ahead and in this event all patients will be contacted directly.


Sligo University Hospital is warning Patients to expect significant delays in the Emergency Department as existing IT systems are not in use and the manual workarounds in place are time-consuming.


Patients attending the Hospital should bring their existing patient number or hospital number with them when they come to the hospital or any letter that they have received from the hospital as this will contain information which will make it easier to find existing medical records.


Finally the statement provided confirmation Maternity services and dialysis treatment will go ahead.