Driving tester recruitment must be a priority for Government

A Sligo Councillor has reiterated her calls for a greater number of driving testers to be recruited to address the significant backlog of driving tests that currently exists due to the covid-19 pandemic.


It was speculated recently that up to 20 new ‘pop-up’ driving testing centres could come on stream to help tackle the driver test backlog.


The Road Safety Authority (RSA) currently has 140 testers working in 50 test centres across the country, with 40 new contract testers to come on stream in June to help address the growing waiting list.

Over 100,000 learner drivers are now on the waiting list for a driving test, as the backlog continues to grow as a result of Covid-19 restrictions.


Independent Sligo Councillor Marie Casserly says that more driving test instructors are urgently needed: