New report finds Traveller community the most disadvantaged community

A report by the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) has found the Traveller community is ‘by far’ the most disadvantaged minority group in Ireland.

It found that the community experience higher levels of discrimination and are left behind when it comes to education, employment and health.

It found that 8% of Travellers aged between 25 and 65 had completed the leaving cert, 1% had a third level degree, and 91% left school early.

Compared to non Travellers, 73% had completed the leaving cert, 30% had a third level degree and 14% left school early.

Jamie Murphy is Spokesperson with the Sligo Traveller Support Group.

He says there have been enough studies and reports carried out over the years and the challenges facing the community have been well established.

Speaking to OceanFM news, he says practical and urgent action is now required.