Leitrim councillor calls for scheme to refurbish vacant private houses

A Leitrim councillor is calling for a refurbishment grant scheme to encourage the renovation of vacant houses as part of an effort to deal with what he says is a serious housing issue.

About 315 properties in the Manorhamilton Municipal District of County Leitrim have been identified by the county council as ‘potentially vacant.’

This includes all properties, irrespective of age, that could be turned into a home with major or minor works.

The information was given to councillors from the Municipal District at their meeting this week in answer to a query from Fianna Fail Cllr Justin Warnock.

Cllr Warnock said says the availability of local authority housing is one issue. However, he also says there’s now fewer private properties available.

He says grants to encourage refurbishment of empty houses would help alleviate the situation.