Donegal had lowest theft rate in the country in 2020

County Donegal had the lowest theft rate in the country last year, according to an analysis of new crime figures.

However, within the north west, Donegal had higher rates compared to Sligo/Leitrim when it came to assaults and drugs offences while Sligo/Leitrim had higher rates of theft, weapons and public order offences.

The figures relate to crime rates across the country last year per 100,000 population in each garda division.

An analysis by the Irish Independent shows Donegal, with a population of more than 159,000, had 332 theft offences, the lowest in the country.

The county had 408 assaults, 342 drug offences, 43 weapons offences and 510 public order offences.

Sligo/Leitrim, with a population of more than 97,500, had 324 assaults, 332 drug offences, 542 theft offences, 54 offences involving weapons, and 558 public order offences.

The figure show that in the north west, Donegal is higher than Sligo/Leitrim in relation to rates of assaults and drug offences but Sligo/Leitrim is higher when it comes to theft, weapons and public order.

Overall nationally, most serious crime rates have decreased because of the Covid-19 restrictions.

But some offences, such as those involving drugs and weapons, have increased.

And although assaults have dropped overall, attacks on women have not dropped as sharply compared to assaults on men.

Meanwhile, in Donegal in the past week, 15 people have been caught driving under the influence.

Five arrests were for the offence of drink driving while ten motorists were arrested for drug driving offences.