Beef Prices, Good Samaritan and Cap Requirements – Agri Week

0.52  The National Chairman of the Beef Plan movement, Leitrim farmer Patrick Rooney has raised major concerns today in relation to the current beef prices being offered by factories to farmers. Grant Thornton have admitted recently to the Beef Task Force yesterday that it doesn’t have the authority to access the information needed for a full and independent appraisal of the value of beef at all points in the supply chain. Patrick Rooney says that the research has left more questions than answers for the Beef Task Force.


09.05  Well known cattle dealer, Mattie Walsh tells the story of how on his way back from Tyrone after delivering a load of cattle. In Enniskillen he was flagged down by a gentleman who spotted a problem with his lorry and how this action saved his a lot of trouble.


13.22 Gerry Loftus the leader and founder of Ireland’s tells how his organisation is gravely concerned at information recently received from Brussels outlining some of the proposals being discussed concerning the upcoming review of the Common Agriculture Policy.