Energy from North West to be transported to larger centres of demand

The Minister for the Environment, Climate and Communications Eamon Ryan along with the operator of the national grid, Eirgrid, are launching a 14-week consultation process on the future of Ireland’s electricity system.


The consultation will discuss different approaches to preparing the grid to run with 70% of the country’s electricity generated by renewable means by 2030.


Over the next 14 weeks Eirgrid will host meetings and online sessions for businesses and communities across the country.


One proposal of local interest under discussion is the proposal to tunnel renewable energy from the North West coast to the main centres of demand elsewhere.


David Martin is a spokesperson for Eirgrid.  He says the main challenge is to general more renewable energy:



David Martin says that no additional land will be required for any projects which requires a substantial amount of cable to be laid.  He said no Compulsory Purchase Orders would be issued and that the cables would be run along main roads:




Although EIRGRID is not directly involved in the construction of windfarms Mr Martin says the construction of wind farms in rural Ireland is a subject that will be discussed during the forums: