Frustrated farmers banning walkers with dogs from their lands

A leading IFA official in the North West says an incident involving a dog in County Wicklow highlighted by the media yesterday is an example of why farmers have banned walkers with dogs from their lands.

Kevin Comiskey is the vice chairman of the IFA’s national sheep committee. He says the actions  of the dog owners was irresponsible and put the safety of the dog and other animals at risk.

Mr Comiskey expressed his frustration at how the owners let their dogs off the leash, with one dog chasing a deer.

As part of the IFA nationwide campaign, farmers will be putting up signs ‘No Dogs Allowed’ on farm gates across the country.

Members of An Garda Síochána have issued an appeal to all dog owners to ensure their dogs are kept under control and away from sheep.

The Gardaí highlighted that these incidents include walkers, runners and cyclists being bitten by dogs that are allowed to roam free.

In advice to the public in general, An Garda Síochána warned:

“Local authorities are responsible and may under the control of dogs act appoint wardens to provide shelters, seize dogs, impose fines and take court proceedings.”