Donegal home care services not adequate according to local Councillor

It’s been claimed that the allocation of home care services in Donegal are not adequate to meet the needs of those in the that need to avail of them.

A local Councillor has highlighted a number of issues from the duration of time being allocated for home visits by carers to the lack of equipment being issued to the carers.

Independent Councillor in the Glenties Municipal District, Michael McClafferty says with many people living in remote rural areas the challenges in providing home care in the North West compared to other counties is greater and that those requiring home care are finding it difficult to secure visits from carers that last 45 minutes.

Cllr McClafferty says the situation in some parts is confounded by the lack of equipment being dispensed to the carers. A situation that he claims is resulting to longer hospital stays for those who could recuperate elsewhere if the necessary equipment was in place.