Talks over security concerns at Northern Ireland Ports to take place today

The North’s first and deputy first ministers will hold talks with the European Commission and the British government today over security concerns at two ports.


Some animal and food checks at Larne and Belfast have stopped after graffiti opposing the Irish Sea border was painted in Loyalist areas.



There were fears for the safety of staff.


On Monday night staff carrying out post-Brexit checks at Larne and Belfast ports were withdrawn from duty due to an “upsurge in sinister and menacing behaviour” and threatening graffiti referring to them as “targets”.


The commission advised its officials not to attend work yesterday, adding its first priority was their safety.


The PSNI say there was “absolutely no information” loyalist paramilitaries were involved and that their assessment was that “individuals or small groups” were responsible.



Last night the DUP called on all Unionist parties to unite and undermine the Northern Ireland protocol.


Deputy First Minister Michelle O’Neill says she’s confident the checks will resume shortly.