INMO ‘exceptionally concerned’ over COVID situation at Letterkenny hospital

The Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation says it is ‘exceptionally concerned’ about the situation at Letterkenny University Hospital where up to seven ambulances were waiting yesterday.

It’s the latest hospital to come under pressure because of the increasing number of Covid patients.

There were 65 Covid patients in Letterkenny University Hospital yesterday, almost twice as many as in April.

Last night, there were 79 patients with the virus in the hospital.

A sustained level of suspected or confirmed Covid-19 patients presenting for treatment resulted in few beds being available.

An extremely busy weekend involving large numbers of confirmed or suspected Covid-19 patients presenting for treatment resulted in delays in admitting some patients through to the dedicated Covid19 zone in the hospital.

Ambulances carrying patients queued outside waiting to be seen.

The hospital said in response to this serious situation, clinical teams assessed the patients in the ambulances outside, to ensure they were treated in clinical priority.

It added that while ambulances were delayed on Sunday afternoon, they continued to be released over the course of the evening.

The hospital has now secured extra staff to allow it to open a further 11 beds

The hospital has apologised to patients who had to wait in ambulances outside before being admitted to the hospital yesterday.

A representative of the INMO said it was “exceptionally concerned” about the situation and that before 9 o’clock last night, there were up to 7 ambulances waiting