Councillors receiving mileage for virtual meetings

It’s been claimed that some councillors are being paid for travel expenses as normal for meetings that are being held online.


The Irish Independent reports the distance from a councillor’s home to the main offices of a council is a factor in the calculation of the annual travel-rate element of expenses.


Councillors from across all parties on some councils are getting expenses, as normal, despite the Covid-19 restrictions.


In a blow for some public elected representatives the controversy over the failure to pay student nurses and a forthcoming vote on a public sector pay deal has resulted in the delay of a substantial pay rise for councillors.


The level of online meetings varies from county to county with some local authorities opting for virtual meetings, while others have been held in large halls.


The reports are suggesting that one councillor has turned whistle blower and complained to the Department of Housing that local authorities across the country are “paying mileage to elected members for journeys that are simply not being made”.