Donegal pub features in new campaign

A Donegal publican at the centre of a new video advertising campaign entitled ‘keeping the lights on’ has expressed her hopes that they will be open to trade for at least some part of Christmas.



Publicans across the North West and indeed the entire Country will light up their businesses at dusk this evening in a fresh protest against what they’re calling “the most severe hospitality lockdown in Europe”.


They’ll be turning on Christmas lights on the dot of five o’clock this evening.


The Licenced Vintners’ Association and Diageo have also launched a new video advertisement entitled ‘keeping the lights on’ to coincide with the big switch on.


The seasonal themed add features the well know Donegal Pub ‘Biddy O Barns’


Megan Slevin runs the bar along with her husband Aaron.


She says these are unusual and challenging times for all pubs.