European-wide traffic light travel system starts today

The Health Protection Surveillance Centre have confirmed 542 additional cases of Covid-19 and 2 additional deaths from Covid -19.


In the latest set of figures there have been 59 additional cases in Donegal, 8 in Sligo and less than 5 in Leitrim.


The European-wide traffic light travel system to deal with Covid-19 comes into place from this morning with the majority of areas in red.


Greenland is the only area within the green categorisation, while parts of Greece, Norway and Finland are in orange which means arrivals can skip quarantine if they test negative for the virus three days before coming to Ireland.


Every other area is red, meaning they must complete 14-days of isolation, which can only be stopped if there’s a negative test five days after coming into a country.


However, infectious disease specialist Professor Sam McConkey  believes Ireland could move to status orange as early as next week: