Kenny raises new questions about access to Mother and Baby Homes records

A Sligo/Leitrim TD say he fears some survivors from mother and baby homes may still not get access to records relating to them.

This is despite the government having said survivors will be able to access their personal records in a manner consistent with GDPR rules.

However, Sinn Fein Deputy Martin Kenny says requests to access data and records will be subject to two tests on a case by case basis.

He says one of these tests is that granting access will not impede the work of future commissions of inquiry, which, Mr Kenny adds, is broad and open to wide interpretation.

He spoke to our reporter Harry Keaney:


Meanwhile, the Taoiseach has hit out at online criticism of the government’s handling of the Mother and Baby Homes Bill.

Micheál Martin says much of what was posted online last week was factually incorrect.

And he adds the government never had any intention of withholding records from anyone: