Infection rates need to reduce to show Level 3 is working – McCauley

The number of Covid-19 cases are continuing to rise in the North West and indeed across the Country.


In the latest set of figures released by the Health Protection Surveillance Centre there were 2 additional deaths from Covid-19.  814 new cases were confirmed nationally.


All the Counties in the North West reported new cases yesterday, the number for Sligo and Leitrim will be confirmed later today, however already we know that Sligo and Leitrim are among 21 counties sharing 343 cases. There were 56 new cases in Donegal.


From figures first reported on Saturday, 34 additional cases were allocated to Donegal’s total number of cases.  10 were added to the number in Leitrim and 9 to Sligo.


There are currently 14 people being treated for Covid-19 in Letterkenny University Hospital with 3 of those patients in ICU.  2 people are being treated in Sligo University Hospital for Covid-19.



There needs to be a reduction in infection rates over the next couple of days across the country to show Level 3 is working, according to a Donegal GP.


Three counties now have a 14-day incidence rate of more than 300, while in hospital, 198 were being treated for the disease last night.


Dr. Denis McCauley – who is based in Stranorlar  says that Donegal and Dublin need to be on their watch as they’ve been under Level 3 for longer than the rest of the country: