Donegal TD says an effective Covid-19 testing system is needed

The news that Donegal will move to Level 3 Covid-19 restrictions will come as a major blow for the people of the county and in particular the local economy that depends so heavily on the tourism and hospitality industries.

The Sinn Fein Spokesperson on finance, Pearse Doherty says People have tried very hard in recent months to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic and has urged all Donegal residents to dig deep and get back to Level 2 as soon as possible.

He says the latest developments will be difficult for businesses and for workers – many of whom have just returned to work in recent days

It’s feared that 5,000 jobs could be lost due to the restrictions across the County. With the hospitality and tourism employing so many people, Deputy Doherty says extra support is needed for Donegal and 2 million extra that the government are proposing is simply not enough

Deputy Doherty says that in order for the County to move back to level 2 restrictions an effective testing system needs to be introduced immediately

Concerns have been raised that the high number of cases in Derry could also be impacting on the rising figures in Donegal

The Donegal TD says there are also restrictions in Northern Ireland, He says an All-Ireland approach would be helpful but that a regional response is also necessary