Calls made to review decision to open pubs

Less than twenty four hours after it was announced that all pubs would re-open later this month there could be even more bad news on the way for publicans across the North West that do not serve food.


A leading immunology expert says the decision to reopen pubs should be reviewed after a big spike in Covid-19 cases yesterday.


If such a review was to take place it would come as a major blow to several pubs in the Counties of Sligo, Leitrim and Donegal that have been shut since March and who’s future has been cast into doubt.


307 new cases were recorded yesterday, this is the highest number in a single day in four months.


Donegal and Sligo shared 25 cases with 10 other Counties.


11 additional cases were allocated to Leitrim that were first reported on Monday.



The government had earlier confirmed all pubs would be allowed to open on September 21st, after 3,500 were shut for six months.


Professor Kingston Mills, from Trinity College, says that decision should be re-assessed.