Five new Covid cases in Donegal; masks mandatory from today

Five new cases of the Covid-19 virus were confirmed in Donegal yesterday, bringing the total to date to 487 in the county.

There were no new cases in Sligo or Leitrim, where the number of cases are 153 and 85 respectively.

It’s been four days since a new case was reported in Sligo and six days since a last reported case in Leitrim.

As well as the five cases in Donegal, the other counties with reported new cases were Kildare with 19, Dublin with 17, Offaly with 15 and Laois with 12.

Of the cases notified yesterday, 37 were men and 31 are women, with 82% of the cases under 45 years of age.

Meanwhile, the wearing of masks in most public areas is mandatory from today.

Dr Roddy Quinn is a GP based in Sligo.

Chair of the Covid-19 modelling advisory group, Professor Philip Nolan says continuing vigilance is vital.