MacSharry ‘lays into’ party leader with ‘stinging criticism’

Taoiseach Micheal Martin is reported to have faced ‘stinging criticism’ from one of his party’s TDs, the Sligo Leitrim Fianna Dail Deputy Marc MacSharry.

It came during a private parliamentary meeting last night in Dublin’s Convention Centre.

Deputy MacSharry declined to comment on media reports this morning that he ‘laid into’ his party leader but party sources have confirmed to Ocean FM News that the Sligo/Leitrim deputy not only ‘let him have it’ but that there were other TDs who backed him.

It all apparently began when Mr Martin spoke of the need for cohesion and unity.

But Deputy MacSharry said unity, cohesion and loyalty flowed from shared ownership of the party.

He said it was up to the Taoiseach and his ministers to provide leadership and not allow themselves to be led by their officials.

He said ministers should be driving the agenda in their own departments.

He added that in the current Covid-19 situation, everyone should listen to medical advice but businesses, families and society in general need certainty.

He again criticised the use of the Convention Centre as ‘a disgraceful waste’ of money.

On reform of the FAI, he said the government should block the appointment of senior civil servant Robert Watt of the Department of Public Expenditure to the board of the FAI, claiming it was a conflict of interest.

Deputy MacSharry also asked that he be returned to the Public Accounts Committee, of which he had previously been a member.

There were reports that MacSharry was applauded by TDs during his contribution to the meeting — leading observers to comment that the relationship between the man from Sligo and his boss from Cork is now certainly far from warm.