Rare archaeological find in Co. Sligo

A rare archaeological discovery was made in Co. Sligo recently.

A red coloured smooth stone pendant with a hole in one end was found by 15 year old Darragh McDaniel, in Drumcliffe while helping his father dig a drain in a field.

Upon the discovery, Darragh contacted local Archaeologist, Tamlyn McHugh, who in turn contacted the National Museum of Ireland when she recognised the significance of the find.

The stone pendant is believed to be either a prehistoric stone tool which was worn around the neck and used to smooth surfaces such as polished stone axes.

Another theory is that it comes from the Bronze Age and could have been an archer’s stone wrist bracer, which were used to protect an archer when releasing arrows from a bow.

Under Irish Law, an archaeological find must be reported to the National Museum of Ireland or local museum within 96 hours.

Speaking to OceanFM News, Tamlyn McHugh says further studies will be carried out to try and find the usage and possible origin on the chance find.